Personal Brand

Tom Panas - author of Vocabulary and Pronunciation/ reviewer of the lesson   Tom | February 23, 2024
Business English, English for HR
Success, Work, Strategies
B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced
Mixed Grammar
Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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Lesson Time
30 minutes
Part of an ESL lesson plan on improving personal image.

Lesson Overview

Put your best foot forward! In this lesson, students will discuss professional development and personal brand. This lesson features a video about common traits of high achievers. Students will learn and practice vocabulary and idioms relating to the topic. The lesson includes plenty of lively discussions and practical worksheets being suitable and appealing for both adults and youth.

Lesson Objectives

  • Grammar: Students will practice mixed grammar structures with an emphasis on phrases and expressions that are important in describing personal and professional qualities. They will learn to articulate their achievements and career goals.

  • Listening: Students will listen to a video about the traits of high achievers and successful personal branding, identifying key strategies and vocabulary.

  • Speaking: Participants will engage in discussions about their personal brands and how they can enhance their visibility in professional circles. They will express their views on personal branding and discuss its impact on their careers.

  • Vocabulary: Vocabulary related to professional development, such as "self-cultivated," "workaround," "highflier," and phrases like "draw inspiration" and "rest on one’s oars," will be introduced and practiced.

  • Cultural Awareness: Students may discuss how personal brand perception can vary across different cultures and professional environments.

  • Homework: For homework, students will complete tasks that involve filling in the blanks with vocabulary from the lesson, choosing correct words to complete sentences about personal branding, and correcting errors in sentences related to professional development. They will also reflect on their personal brands and consider ways to enhance their professional image.


Do you have a personal brand? How do you develop yourself professionally? Watch this video to learn about the traits that high achievers have that help them stand out.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

put one’s best foot forward [idiom]: to make a good impression or to present oneself in the best
possible way
personal brand [noun]: the image and reputation an individual builds for themselves in their professional and personal life
high achiever [noun]: a person who consistently performs exceptionally well and attains notable success
expertise [noun]: specialized knowledge or skill in a particular area
courtesy [noun]: politeness, good manners, and respectful behavior toward others
dress for the job you want, not the one you have [idiom]: present yourself professionally and in a manner suitable for your desired future role
stamina [noun]: endurance, the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort
culture [noun]: the shared values, beliefs, practices, and behaviors of a group or society
motivation [noun]: the internal or external factors that drive a person to take action or achieve a goal
high-flier [noun]: person who is exceptionally successful or ambitious
drill into [phrasal verb]: to delve deeply into a subject or to thoroughly understand something
self-cultivated [adjective]: developed or grown by oneself, without external influences
draw from [phrasal verb]: to derive or obtain something, often ideas or inspiration, from a particular source
rest on one's oars [idiom]: to stop making an effort; to become complacent or inactive
have the grit to [verb phrase]: to possess the courage, perseverance, and determination to face challenges
workaround [noun]: a solution or method used to overcome a problem, especially in a non-traditional or creative way
deep-seated [adjective]: firmly established or deeply ingrained, often referring to beliefs or emotions
catch the drift [idiom]: to understand the general meaning or idea without detailed explanation
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