Ask Dr. Google

General English, Speaking Lessons
B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced
Mixed Grammar
Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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Lesson Time
30 minutes
Illustration depicting students engaged in a discussion about looking up advice online during an ESL online lesson.

Lesson Description

Don’t believe everything you read online! In this lesson, students will discuss the topic of seeking online advice. This lesson features a video of a qualified doctor talking about the issues that may arise when googling symptoms online. Students will learn and practice vocabulary relating to the topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adult and teenage learners.

Lesson Objectives

  • To develop speaking and listening skills

  • To talk about online advice and the problem with googling your symptoms

  • To learn and practice new vocabulary words relating to the topic


Have you ever asked Google a crazy question about yourself or something you heard? Do you have cancer; are you dying? Watch this video to listen to a qualified doctor explain the problems that may arise from using “Dr. Google” too much.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

diagnosis [noun]: the identification of an illness or other problem by examining symptoms
consult [verb]: to seek information or advice from (someone with expertise in a particular area)
cyberchondria [noun]: a clinical phenomenon in which repeated Internet searches regarding medical information result in excessive concerns about physical health
take as gospel [idiom]: to believe something to be true
condescending [adjective]: having or showing a superior attitude toward others; snobby
utilize [verb]: to make use of something
fall for something [phrasal verb]: to be deceived by something, esp. a lie
misconstrue [verb]: to interpret (something, especially a person's words or actions) wrongly
suspicion [noun]: a feeling or thought that something is possible, likely, or true
debunk [verb]: to expose the falseness (a myth, idea, or belief)
misconceptions [noun]: a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding
collaboration [noun]: the action of working with someone to produce or create something
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