Think on Your Feet!

Theresa Dash - reviewer of the lesson   Theresa I May 06, 2022
Business English, Speaking Lessons, English for HR
Work, Human Resources
B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced
Mixed Grammar
Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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30 minutes
Illustration depicting students discussing how to handle unexpected job interview questions and practicing new vocabulary related to the issue in an English lesson.

Lesson Overview

You’re in the hot seat! In this lesson, students discuss how to handle unexpected job interview questions. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets based on a video about creative interview questions. Students also practice new vocabulary they can use to discuss the issue. The lesson activities an worksheets have been developed for adult and teenage learners.

Lesson Objectives

  • Listening: Students will watch a video about creative and unconventional job interview questions. They'll answer comprehension questions to practice recognizing key information from the video.

  • Speaking: Students will engage discussions to simulate answering difficult interview questions. They'll share strategies on how to handle surprise questions confidently and discuss past job interview experiences.

  • Vocabulary: The lesson will introduce and practice vocabulary related to unconventional job interview questions and professional communication. Key terms include "own up to a mistake," "blame," and "articulate." Students will learn to apply these terms while describing their interview techniques.

  • Homework: Students will complete activities to reinforce strategies for answering tricky interview questions. They'll choose appropriate responses for specific scenarios and identify ways to highlight their strengths when answering unexpected questions.


“What kind of animal are you and why?” Have you heard of such an interview question? Believe it or not, people have been asked such questions during an interview. Watch this video and learn more about creative interview questions that employers ask. Such creative questions not only keep the interview process interesting for the employer and the candidate but also reveal an aspect of a candidate’s personality that would typically go unexplored.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

think on one’s feet [idiom]: to react to events decisively, effectively, and without prior thought or planning
pitch [verb]: to present a business idea to others
articulate [verb]: to understand or express (an idea or feeling) fluently and coherently
liaison [noun]: a person who establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation
own up to a mistake [phrasal verb]: to admit you did something wrong
take ownership of something [phrasal verb]: the fact of taking responsibility for an idea or problem
on someone’s shoulders [idiom]: being something that is someone's to deal with or sole responsibility or obligation
what makes (someone) tick [idiom]: the things that cause someone to behave a certain way: the feelings, opinions, concerns, etc.
keep somebody on their toes [idiom]: to keep someone attentive, active, busy, or alert
red flag [noun]: a warning symbol used for signaling danger or a problem
burden [noun]: a load or weight, typically a heavy one
off-the-wall [adjective]: eccentric or unconventional
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