Is This Food Really Healthy?

Rob - author of the lesson plan   Rob I March 10, 2021
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C1 Advanced
Mixed Grammar
Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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45 minutes
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Lesson Overview

You better watch what you eat! In this lesson, students will learn about healthy versus unhealthy food. This lesson features a video that discusses how food labels are tricking us into thinking they’re healthy. Students will learn and practice phrasal verbs, idioms, and vocabulary relating to this topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adult and teenage learners.

Lesson Objectives

  • To learn about healthy versus unhealthy food

  • To learn and review phrasal verbs and idioms

  • To develop speaking and listening skills

  • To learn and use new vocabulary relating to the topic


Sugar-free, all-natural, organic. These nutrition-related buzzwords can effectively trick people into believing they're buying healthy food, but are they really as good for you as you think? Watch the video to see how food labels can mislead people and find out which alternatives are the best to buy instead.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

buzzword [noun]: a word or expression that is very popular and trendy
set something straight [phrasal verb]: to make certain that someone understands the real facts about a situation
fructose [noun]: a type of sugar that occurs naturally in fruit, vegetables, and honey
gastric [adjective]: involving the stomach
carcinogen [noun]: a substance that tends to cause cancer
margarine [noun]: a food product similar to butter, usually made from vegetable oil
ghee [noun]: a type of clarified butter, usually used in South Asian cuisines
dietary [adjective]: relating to a diet
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