Couples at Work

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B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced
Mixed Grammar
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Couples at Work | Lekcja angielskiego

Opis lekcji

Have you ever hit it off with a coworker or a boss? In this lesson, students will discuss relationships in the workplace. This lesson features a video about the pros and cons of working with someone you know. Students will learn and practice vocabulary and idioms relating to the topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adult and teenage learners.

Cel lekcji

  • To develop speaking and listening skills

  • To discuss the topic of workplace relationships

  • To learn and practice new vocabulary words relating to the topic


Do you know the pros and cons of working with a family member or partner? What are important boundaries to have in workplace relationships? Watch this video to learn tips regarding working with a significant other.

Traskypcja video

Słownictowo i wymowa

hit it off [idiom]: be naturally friendly or well suited; get along well
allocate [verb]: to give something to someone as their share of a total amount; to use in a particular way
resolve [verb]: to settle or find a solution to (a problem)
see eye to eye [idiom]: be in full agreement; to have or come to the same opinion or point of view
beat around the bush [idiom]: discuss a matter without coming to the point
cave in [phrasal verb]: submit under pressure; surrender or back down
have each other’s back [idiom]: to be prepared and willing to support or defend someone
stand your ground [idiom]: not retreat or lose one's advantage in the face of opposition
on the same wavelength [idiom]: to think in a similar way and to understand each other well
meet halfway [idiom]: make a compromise with someone
go to bat for someone [idiom]: to support someone when the person needs help
delegate [verb]: entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself
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