911, What’s Your Emergency?

Stefanie Simmons - author of the lesson   Stefanie I May 06, 2023
一般的な英語, 無料レッスン, スピーキングレッスン
B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced
Pronouns, Compound Relative Pronouns
Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
30 分


このレッスンでは、学生は911にどのように電話するか、緊急時に電話する可能性のある理由を学びます。学生は911への電話を聞き、緊急時に行うべき重要なことや覚えておくべきことを話し合います。また、"compound relative pronouns"や、このトピックに関連する単語や慣用句を学び、練習します。レッスンのアクティビティやワークシートは、大人や10代の学習者向けに開発されました。


  • 911に電話するプロセスや、緊急時に覚えておくべきことを議論する。

  • "compound relative pronouns"を学び、復習する。

  • トピックに関連する単語や慣用句を学び、練習する。

  • 話す・聞くスキルを発展させる。


I apologize for the inclusion of quotation marks in the previous translations. Here are the translations without quotation marks:

Posłuchaj nagrania rozmowy na numer alarmowy 911 między operatorem a młodym mężczyzną przebywającym w parku podczas sytuacji awaryjnej. Młody mężczyzna może być zmuszony do wykonania resuscytacji krążeniowo-oddechowej u swojego przyjaciela, jeśli karetka nie zdąży na czas!

Escucha el audio de una llamada al 911 entre un operador y un joven que se encuentra en un parque durante una situación de emergencia. El joven podría tener que realizar maniobras de resucitación cardiopulmonar (RCP) en su amigo si la ambulancia no llega a tiempo.

Portuguese (Brazilian):
Escute o áudio de uma ligação para o 911 entre um operador e um jovem que está em um parque durante uma situação de emergência. O jovem pode ter que realizar a ressuscitação cardiopulmonar (RCP) em seu amigo se a ambulância não chegar a tempo!




stop, drop, and roll [noun]: a simple fire safety technique taught to children, emergency personnel, and workers as part of health and safety training in North America and most other English-speaking countries
first aid kit [noun]: a set of materials and tools used for giving emergency treatment to a sick or injured person
first responder [noun]: a person (such as a police officer or an EMT) who is first to arrive at the scene of an accident or emergency to provide assistance
burglary [noun]: the act of breaking and entering a place to commit a crime
kidnapping [noun]: the illegal act of holding a person against their will, often including transportation
pepper spray [noun]: a type of disabling spray that causes irritation and blinding of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin
dead phone battery [noun]: a phone battery that has no more electricity
collapse [verb]: to fall abruptly and completely
unconscious [adjective]: not knowing or perceiving; not aware
pulse [noun]: a rhythmical beating, vibrating, or sounding caused by the heart
in safe hands [idiom]: means you are looked after by a reliable person, and there is no risk
on the line [idiom]: the act of speaking on the telephone
CPR [noun]: a medical treatment in which you breathe air into someone’s mouth and press on their chest to make them start breathing
Heimlich maneuver [noun]: a first aid procedure used to treat choking in which a person does chest thrusts to help clear the airway
hang on for dear life [idiom]: used when you are in a dangerous situation, and you need to grip something firmly, so you do not fall