Diet Cheat Days

Tom  - reviewer of the lesson plan   Tom | December 28, 2023
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B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced
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30 minutos
Descripción de un plan de lección de inglés sobre hábitos alimentarios saludables y no saludables.

Descripción de la clase

En esta lección, los estudiantes discutirán sobre hábitos alimenticios saludables y no saludables y formas de perder peso. Esta lección presenta un vídeo sobre nuevas investigaciones en dietas. Los estudiantes aprenderán y practicarán vocabulario y modismos relacionados con el tema. La lección incluye muchas actividades de conversación y hojas de trabajo desarrolladas para adultos y adolescentes.

Objetivo de la clase

  • Desarrollar habilidades de hablar y escuchar

  • Hablar sobre dietas, hábitos alimenticios y pérdida de peso

  • Aprender y practicar nuevos términos de vocabulario


¿Son los días de trampa la clave para perder peso? Mira este video para conocer la verdad detrás de las dietas y los días de trampa. ¡Es el “Catch-22” de la dieta!

Transcripción de video

Pronunciación y vocabulario

have one’s cake and eat it too [idiom]: to have or do two good things at the same time that are impossible to have or do at the same time
cheat day [noun phrase]: a day where someone intentionally increasing their caloric intake to give their body/mind a break from a restricted diet
cut down on [phrasal verb]: (of food) to eat or drink less of a particular thing, usually in order to improve your health
intake [noun]: an amount of food, air, or another substance taken into the body
catch-22 [noun]: an impossible, problematic, or unreasonable situation
indulgent [adjective]: lenient and permissive
starving [adjective]: suffering from extreme hunger
rejoice [verb]: feeling or showing great joy or delight
substitution [noun]: the thing used instead of another one
intermittent fasting [noun phrase]: an eating pattern that cycles between periods of not eating and eating
crash diet [noun]: a way of losing a lot of weight very quickly by limiting how much one eats
keep off [phrasal verb]: (of weight) to continue to weigh a lower amount than one formerly weighed; to not regain the weight that one has lost
indulge in something [phrasal verb]: to become involved in (something, especially something that is considered wrong or improper)
go cold turkey on something [idiom]: to stop suddenly and completely from an addictive substance or some other form of dependency
crave for something [phrasal verb]: to desire something strongly
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