You Are Being Watched

Theresa Dash - author of the lesson   Theresa I December 03, 2021
Inglés general, Lecciones de conversación
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B2 Upper-Intermediate
Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous
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Grammar, Speaking, Listening
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45 minutos
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Descripción de la clase

¡Sumérgete en el mundo de la tecnología! En esta lección, los estudiantes son introducidos a un video que revela cómo las fuerzas del orden y otras organizaciones utilizan el reconocimiento facial, destacando sus posibles riesgos. Enfatizando el "future perfect" y el "future perfect continuous tense", los estudiantes obtendrán experiencia práctica, entrelazada con vocabulario pertinente. Esta lección está enriquecida con actividades de discusión estimulantes y hojas de trabajo, hechas a medida tanto para adultos como para adolescentes.

Objetivo de la clase

  • Comprensión de la tecnología de reconocimiento facial y sus peligros asociados

  • Dominio del "future perfect" y "future perfect continuous tense"

  • Desarrollo de habilidades de habla y escucha

  • Adquisición de nuevo vocabulary relacionado con el tema


Have you ever had a weird feeling that someone was watching you? Watch this video to learn how facial recognition technology has developed, how it’s used by law enforcement and other organizations, and why it may be dangerous.

Transcripción de video

Pronunciación y vocabulario

high-def [adjective]: short for: high-definition; showing very clear pictures on a screen or producing very clear sound
facial recognition software [noun]: software making it possible for a computer system to recognize a digital image of somebody's face
civil liberties [noun]: all your rights to do, think, and say whatever you want as long as this does not harm other people
essential [adjective]: necessary or extremely important
totalitarian [adjective]: relating to a government having almost complete control over the lives of its citizens and in which political opposition is not allowed
machine learning [noun]: the act of computers changing the way they perform tasks by analyzing and learning from new data, without any human activity needed to change the program
database [noun]: a large amount of information stored in a computer system in such a way that it can be easily accessed and modified
hotspot [noun]: a popular and exciting place frequented by many people
CCTV [noun]: closed-circuit television; a system sending television signals to a limited number of screens, that is used in public places to prevent crime
surveillance [noun]: the act of watching a person or a place
apparatus [noun]: a machine used for a particular purpose; machinery
ethic minority [noun]: a group of people sharing culture, tradition, language, history living in a country where the majority of people are from a different ethnic group
legitimate [adjective]: allowed; with accordance to the law
MIT Media Lab [noun]: a research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
measurements [noun]: the length, height, width, etc., of something
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