Extreme Minimalist

Theresa Dash - author of the lesson   Theresa I December 03, 2021
Inglés general, Lecciones de conversación
Decisiones de vida
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B2 Upper-Intermediate
Countable Nouns, Unountable Nouns, Plural Nouns
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Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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45 minutos
Los estudiantes discuten el minimalismo y la vida con lo básico en una lección de inglés en línea, practican sustantivos contables e incontables.

Descripción de la clase

¡Menos es más! En esta lección, los estudiantes aprenderán sobre minimalismo y vivir solo con las necesidades básicas. Esta lección presenta un video de un hombre que se deshizo de casi todo lo que posee y vive con solo 47 ítems. Los estudiantes aprenderán y practicarán sustantivos contables e incontables y el vocabulario relacionado con este tema. La lección incluye actividades de discusión y tareas divertidas para adultos y adolescentes.

Objetivo de la clase

  • Aprender sobre minimalismo y vivir solo con las necesidades básicas

  • Aprender y repasar sustantivos contables e incontables

  • Desarrollar habilidades de habla y escucha

  • Aprender y usar vocabulario relacionado con el tema


How many possessions do you own? Would you ever consider living out of a backpack? Watch this video about an extreme minimalist who is currently living and traveling with only 47 possessions. Over the past 10 years, he has transformed his life by downsizing all of his stuff and getting rid of his bank account, his car, and many other things in order to live the way he feels is serving his purpose.

Transcripción de video

Pronunciación y vocabulario

on purpose [adverb]: not accidentally, intentionally
in alignment with [phrase]: in harmony with something
to your name [phrase]: if you have little to your name it means that you own little
question [verb]: to express your doubt in the truth or value of something
purposeful [adjective]: determined; indicating that you know what you want to achieve; not random
fluctuate [verb]: to change frequently
biodegradable [adjective]: that can break down or decay naturally and can be thrown away without causing any harm to the environment
to-go meal [noun]: take-out meal; a meal bought at a store or restaurant and taken and eaten somewhere else
multipurpose [adjective]: having many different functions; serving many different purposes
tea strainer [noun]: a tool that is used to collect the tea leaves when tea is poured through it into a cup; a kind of a small sieve
recycle [verb]: to make materials and products ready to be used again through a special industrial process
essential [adjective]: needed, or necessary
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