Grammar: Much / Many

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"Much" and "Many" are words used in English to express quantity. They are part of the grammatical construction related to numerals and quantities. Here's a brief explanation of their use:

  • Much: Used with uncountable nouns, i.e., those that do not have a plural form and cannot be counted. Examples of such nouns include: water, air, time, love. For example: "I don't have much time."

  • Many: Used with countable nouns, i.e., those that have a plural form and can be counted. Examples include: books, apples, people. For example: "There are many books on the shelf."

It's worth noting that in English, depending on the context, "much" is mainly used in questions and negations, while "many" is used in questions, negations, and affirmations.

"much" "many" illustration