Grammar: Used to / Get used to

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"Used to" and "get used to" are phrases in English grammar that express different concepts related to habits and acclimatization.

  1. Used to: This phrase indicates a past habit or state that is no longer true in the present. It is used to talk about things that happened regularly in the past but do not happen now.

    Example: "I used to play basketball when I was in high school." (This means that playing basketball was a regular activity in the past, but it is not anymore.)

Get used to: This phrase indicates becoming accustomed to something new or adapting to a new situation, condition, or environment. It is about the process of change from feeling strange or uncomfortable to feeling normal.

Example: "I am getting used to waking up early for my new job." (This means that waking up early is becoming a normal part of the routine, even if it was difficult or unusual at first.)

Both phrases deal with habits and familiarity, but "used to" focuses on past habits, while "get used to" focuses on the process of becoming familiar with something new.