Grammar: Determiners

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What are Determiners in English Grammar?

Determiners in English grammar are words that come before nouns and give us more information about them. They tell us if we are talking about something specific or general, how many things there are, or who owns them. For example, in the phrase "the book," the word "the" is a determiner that shows we are talking about a specific book. In "some books," the word "some" shows that we are talking about an unspecified number of books.

There are different types of determiners. Articles are "the" (definite article) and "a" or "an" (indefinite articles). Demonstratives like "this," "that," "these," and "those" point to specific things. Possessive determiners such as "my," "your," "his," "her," "its," "our," and "their" show who owns something. Quantifiers like "some," "many," "few," and "several" tell us how many things there are. Numbers like "one," "two," and "three" also act as determiners because they specify exact amounts. Using the right determiners helps make our meaning clear and our communication more effective.

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