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The Street Performer

General English
Pessoas, Homelessness
Tipo de conteúdo
B1 Intermediate
Past Simple, Past Continuous
Foco em
Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
ID da lição
Duração da lição
45 minutos
The Street Performer | exercícios de inglês

Descrição da lição

Have you ever been strapped for cash? In this lesson, students will learn about homelessness and street performers. This lesson features a video of a man who performs in a subway station just to give the money away to others in need. Students will learn and practice the past simple and past continuous tenses and vocabulary relating to this topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adult and teenage learners.

Objetivo da lição

  • To discuss the topic of homelessness and street performers

  • To learn and practice the use of past tenses (Simple and Continuous)

  • To develop speaking and listening skills

  • To practice vocabulary relating to the topic


Have you ever given away your hard-earned cash? Meet the street performer who gives away money. This New York City resident helps homeless people who need money for food, a bus ticket, or a pet. “Everybody has this ability to give.”

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