What Did You Do Last Weekend?

Stefanie Simmons - author of the lesson   Stefanie I October 22, 2022
General English, Speaking Lessons
A1 Beginner
Past Simple, Irregular Verbs
Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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Lesson Time
45 minutes
Illustrative examples for an English lesson for adults on discussing past events, focusing on learning and practicing the past

Lesson Overview

That is a thing of the past! In this lesson, students will learn how to talk about past events. This lesson features audio describing the exciting life of a reporter. Students will also learn and practice the past simple tense with irregular verbs and vocabulary relating to this topic. This lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adults and teenagers.

Lesson Objectives

  • Grammar: Students will practice using irregular verbs in the past tense. They'll learn to correctly form past tense sentences, which is key for talking about past events.

  • Listening: By listening to an audio of someone describing their weekend, students will improve their ability to understand spoken English related to past activities.

  • Speaking: In interactive activities, students will practice speaking about their past experiences, using the past tense and relevant vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary: The lesson will include words and phrases used for discussing past events. Examples include words like "swam," "drove," and phrases like "I went to...".

  • Homework: Students will work on various exercises like filling in blanks with past tense verbs, matching questions to answers, and writing an email, to reinforce their understanding of the past tense and related vocabulary.


Listen to the audio to learn about the life of a reporter. Whether meeting with a local politician, swimming in the sea, or eating delicious food in Mexico, this reporter is living the dream. Extra, extra read all about it!

Audio Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

presentation [noun]: a talk that gives information about a particular topic
politician [noun]: a person who is active in politics, especially as a job
seaside [noun]: an area where the ocean or sea meets the land
qualification [noun]: an official record showing that someone has finished a training course or has the necessary skills for something
project [noun]: a carefully planned piece of work that has a particular purpose
local [adjective]: from a particular place or small area
delicious [adjective]: very tasty, good, or pleasurable
waterfall [noun]: water from a river or stream that falls over an edge of rock to a much lower level
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