Story of My Life

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Past, Situations
A2 Elementary
Past Simple
Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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45 minutes
Story of My Life | ESL Lesson Plan

Lesson Overview

It’s just a part of life. In this lesson, students will discuss important events in people’s lives. This lesson features audio of people talking about important moments in their lives. Students will learn and practice the simple past tense to describe stories and past events and vocabulary relating to this topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adults and teenagers.

Lesson Objectives

  • Grammar: Students will learn and review the simple past tense to describe past events, moments, and stories. They will practice forming affirmative and negative sentences to speak about personal experiences and historical events accurately.

  • Listening: Learners will enhance their listening skills by hearing people discuss significant moments in their lives. This exercise aims to improve comprehension of narratives in the past tense, focusing on personal milestones and memories.

  • Speaking: Students will engage in discussions about important events and moments in their own lives, using the simple past tense to share their stories. They will talk about memorable experiences, life-changing events, and personal achievements or challenges.

  • Vocabulary: The lesson introduces vocabulary related to life events, such as "be born," "get married," "win a competition," "get one's first job," "move out," "finish school," and "lose a job." Additional vocabulary includes adjectives and verbs commonly used to describe life experiences in the past tense.

  • Homework: Tasks are designed to reinforce the lesson's focus on the simple past tense and vocabulary related to life stories. Students will correct sentences, fill in blanks with the correct forms of verbs, choose the correct answers to comprehension questions, write questions based on given sentences, and answer questions about their experiences.


Listen to the audio to learn about important moments in people’s lives. Some unforgettable memories include winning the lottery, vacationing in Europe, and meeting your soul mate. This couple goes reminiscing down memory lane!

Audio Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

district [noun]: one of the areas in which a country, state, or city is divided
childhood [noun]: the time when you are a child
proud [adjective]: feeling satisfaction and pleasure because of something that you or somebody achieved
motivated [adjective]: enthusiastic or determined; really wanting to do something
loan [noun]: money that you borrow, e.g., a bank loan
engagement [noun]: an agreement between two people to get married
move out [phrasal verb]: to stop living in a home and leave it
drama school [noun]: a school that teaches people how to be actors
movie theater: a theater where you pay to watch a movie
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