Side Hustles

Tom Panas - author of pronunciation section / reviewer   Tom | December 14, 2022
Business English, Speaking Lessons
A2 Elementary, B1 Intermediate
Mixed Grammar
Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening
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Lesson Time
30 minutes
Illustration depicting students discussing side hustles and practicing vocabulary related to the topic while completing engaging worksheets in an English lesson.

Lesson Overview

"Do you have what it takes to moonlight?" In this lesson, students will discuss side hustles and the reasons for starting one. This lesson features a video about the advantages of having a side job. Students will learn and practice vocabulary relating to the topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adults and teenagers.

Lesson Objectives

  • Listening: Students will listen to a video discussing the concept of side hustles. The video covers why side hustles are beneficial and the skills they can develop, even if they're not highly profitable. This will enhance their listening comprehension and expose them to real-life contexts about work flexibility and skill development.

  • Speaking: Learners will engage in discussions about the idea of having a side job, sharing their opinions and experiences. They'll also explore scenarios where side hustles could be beneficial, thereby improving their ability to express ideas and opinions about work and entrepreneurship in English.

  • Vocabulary: The lesson introduces vocabulary associated with side hustles and flexible work arrangements. Terms like "freelancer," "flexible," "income," "skill set," and "extra source" will be explored. Understanding these terms will help students discuss and comprehend various aspects of side jobs more effectively.

  • Homework: The homework includes tasks like choosing correct alternatives in sentences, determining true or false statements about side hustles, and filling in the blanks with appropriate words. These exercises are designed to reinforce students' comprehension of the vocabulary and concepts discussed in the lesson, as well as to improve their ability to use these terms in context.


Have you ever heard of the expression “winning even if you lose”? This is important advice you want to keep in mind when you are thinking about starting a side hustle. Watch this video to learn about the most valuable skill you can have that will help you in every area of your life.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

moonlight [verb]: to hold a second job in addition to a regular one
side hustle [noun]: an additional job that a person has in addition to their primary job to supplement their income; side job
skill set [noun]: a collection of skills and abilities
valuable [adjective]: worth a great deal of money or importance
debt [noun]: something, typically money, that is owed or due
calling [noun]: a strong feeling or urge toward a particular way of life or career; a mission
outlet [noun]: a means of expressing one's talents, energy, or emotions
profitable [adjective]: (of a business or activity) yielding profit or financial gain
freelancer [noun]: a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer
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