Youth Slang

Theresa Dash - author of the lesson   Theresa I August 31, 2020
General English, Speaking Lessons
B1 Intermediate
American Slang, Idioms
Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary
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45 minutes
Adult students in an English lesson exploring American slang, with definitions, examples, and speaking activities displayed on

Lesson Overview

You don’t want to be caught dead using the wrong slang! In this lesson, students will learn about American slang and words that come and go. This lesson features a video of two men discussing new words in colloquial language. Students will learn and practice adjectives, adverbs, and vocabulary relating to this topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adults and teenagers.

Lesson Objectives

  • Grammar: Students will learn and review adjectives and adverbs, focusing on their correct use in sentences to describe actions, people, and things, enhancing their descriptive language skills.

  • Listening: Through video featuring discussions on slang, students will improve their ability to understand and interpret American slang and colloquial expressions used in everyday conversations.

  • Speaking: Students will practice using American slang and colloquial language in speaking activities, improving their ability to express themselves more naturally in conversational English.

  • Vocabulary: The lesson introduces contemporary American slang terms like "lit," "bae," and "extra," along with their meanings and usage, broadening students' understanding of informal English.

  • Homework: Assignments will include exercises focused on applying new vocabulary, adjectives, and adverbs in context, such as completing sentences with the correct word forms and deciding on the accuracy of underlined words in given sentences to reinforce classroom learning.


The video is presenting two actors, Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, who challenge each other's knowledge of youth slang. From "extra" to "lit", watch Dan teach his father words that will never make their way into a dictionary.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

delve into [phrasal verb] to research or examine something carefully
endearment [noun] a word expressing love or affection
youth [noun]: young people
incredibly [adverb]: extremely
clue [noun]: information that helps you to find a solution or solve a problem
lit [adjective]: as a slang word, it means cool, exciting, or excellent
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