No Man Is an Island

Stefanie Simmons - author of the lesson   Stefanie I February 14, 2023
General English, Speaking Lessons
B1 Intermediate
Strong Adjectives
Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary
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Lesson Time
45 minutes
No Man Is an Island | ESL Lesson for Adults and Teens

Lesson Overview

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. In this lesson, students will talk about their inner feelings and behaviors. This lesson features a video of people discussing their problems and how we need to be reminded to be kind to each other. Students will learn and practice how to use "strong adjectives" to intensify what they say and vocabulary relating to this topic. The lesson includes plenty of engaging discussion activities and worksheets that have been developed for adults and teenagers.

Lesson Objectives

  • Grammar: Students will learn how to use "strong adjectives" to intensify expressions, enhancing their ability to convey emotions and experiences more vividly.

  • Listening: They will listen to people sharing personal stories in a video, improving their understanding of how strong adjectives can be used to describe emotions and behaviors effectively.

  • Speaking: Students will participate in discussions about their inner feelings and behaviors, using strong adjectives to express themselves more clearly and powerfully.

  • Vocabulary: The lesson will introduce vocabulary related to expressing feelings and behaviors, focusing on the use of strong adjectives to provide emphasis and depth to their descriptions.

  • Homework: Tasks include filling in blanks with correct words, choosing the correct option to complete sentences, matching sentences with similar meanings, and using strong adjectives to intensify given sentences, aiming to reinforce the understanding and application of strong adjectives and related vocabulary​​​​.


The video puts a perspective on how we tend to jump to conclusions about other people when we see their behavior at a given moment. We all live in our own world and most people are fighting a battle we know nothing about. Let’s try to be kind to unkind people; they may need your kindness the most.

Video Transcript

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

relive [verb]: to experience something again in one's imagination or memory
cut somebody off [phrasal verb]: to suddenly move in front of another driver (in the context of driving)
annoyance [noun]: the state or feeling of being irritated
annoying [adjective]: causing irritation
annoyed [adjective]: feeling or showing angry irritation
fed up with [adjective]: tired, unhappy, bored, or not able to put up with a situation any longer
fidget [verb]: to play with something in a nervous way
pungent [adjective]: having an intense flavor or odor
hilarious [adjective]: very funny
furious [adjective]: very angry
hyper [adjective]: very active
starving [adjective]: very hungry
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